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Support Camp Hope! Donate to Camp Hope in Serbia - a week-long camp bringing joy, hope and community for international families experiencing the toughest time in their lives with a child affected by pediatric cancer. These families come into the first day of camp often feeling abandoned by their own families and friends after receiving their child's heartbreaking diagnosis and leave on the last day with a community and bond with others walking down the same difficult path. In 2018, Camp Hope will continue for the fourth consecutive year. It is our hope and prayer at Crew + Co, to fund the camp 100%. A portion of your purchase already goes towards the camp automatically, but you can donate any additional amount. God CAN and WILL provide. Here are some practical ways that your donations are used at Camp Hope:
Adopt a family for camp- $250
Adopt a camp volunteer- $70
Sponsor Camp Hope Welcome Event- $50
Support Mom’s Spa Afternoon- $125
Adopt Bingo Night prizes- $125
Sponsor "America Night" fun program for kids- $125
Sponsor "Parent’s Evening Out"- $125
Provide Camp Hope t-shirts- $600
Give Bibles to each family- $100
Provide for "Olympic" field day for families- $50
Give to provide total cost for Camp Hope: $8,000
At checkout, select the amount you would like to donate. You will receive receipt of donation by email.
To learn more about Camp Hope, take a look here:
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