Valentine's Book Wall

This year we wanted to take advantage of these book shelves in the boys' room and display books pertaining to any events/holidays coming up! Our first book wall feature is dedicated to Valentine's Day and the kids have loved it so far. We are big fans of each of these books and wanted to share them with you too!

Crew + Co Valentine's Book Wall

I'd Know You Anywhere, My Love

I'll Love You Till The Cows Come Home

Plant A Kiss


Hug Machine

 L is for Love

When I Pray For You

Words and Your Heart

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Love From The Crayons - side note: we are all obsessed with the Crayons books. If you have not read them yet, we HIGHLY recommend them! Especially this one - The Day The Crayons Quit

The Love Letter

A Little Princess

My Mom is Magical

Coat of Many Colors

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing (you know we love SLJ!)


In My Heart: A Book of Feelings

My Dad is Amazing

Love Is

Loved: The Lord's Prayer (another SLJ favorite)

I Love You Already

Meet Me at the Moon

The Color Monster - our absolute current favorite book. The kids love it because it's a pop-up and I love the fun artistry!