Peace With Christ

crew and co devotion


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about legacy. What is it really that drives us to greatness? What is it that lets us look back on life and be satisfied with where we’ve been?

The paradox of legacy is that as much as we desire greatness, we struggle with the satisfaction of the here and now. Legacy is built on a lifetime of discipline, but our selfish satisfaction is built on the quick fix of the moment. Legacy is built on the truth that Jesus is better, but temporary satisfaction is met in the embrace of selfish sin. And the trouble is that we all desire this great legacy, but we fail to desire the path to get there. We have this notion that our legacy can be built later in life, on the shoulders of our grey years, and we can live to satisfy our own pleasure with the days we have now.

But legacy doesn’t arrive just because of age, it arrives because of choice. The legacy we leave behind tomorrow is rooted in the sin we leave behind today. Our pursuit of righteousness by the grace of Jesus is what matters, and that pursuit defines the story you leave behind. Our faithfulness to His calling will be remembered only if we are indeed faithful. Should we choose a lifetime of selfishness, then it will be remembered all the more.

So what will your legacy be? Your choice to follow Jesus starts today the same way it starts every day—with surrender. We cannot afford to forget that we are at war with the sin in our hearts, and every day is a battle. There can be no acceptable peace with sin, only with the Savior. There is nothing greater we can leave behind than a lifetime of pursuing Him. And that starts today.