He is giving, He is constant, He is waiting.

crew and co devotion

If you take away the most crucial part of something, then what is left? If you take the sun from the day, it’s hardly still that at all. If you take the moon from the night, you’d be left with an overwhelming darkness. Take the dew from the flowers and they will only wilt and wither.

Just as the sun brings joy to the day, and the moon gives light to the night; just as the dew brings life to the flower—so Jesus is everything to us. He is constant, always near, always giving, always hearing, always comforting. He is present, filling our days with joy and our nights with hope. He is a reviving drink of water to the tired soul.

But in the business of the morning we often overlook the sunrise. In the weight of the night we tend to forget the beauty of the moon. We drive pass a field of elegant flowers, but somehow only see the to do list that circles in our mind. We are surrounded by beauty, yet rarely see it.

In the business of the day often overlook the reality that He has made it. We forget that it is by His hands that we have the blessing of life. We fill the night with noise and distraction, forgetting that he is our quiet peace, our shining comfort. We drink from fountains of selfish want, not remembering that He is the only source that will quench our constant thirst.

He is giving, He is constant, He is waiting. Don’t miss His grace for the passing glory of selfish gain. Slow down; look around. See Jesus in everything that you do. Enjoy His presence, breathe in His life, live in His joy.

Written by Will Kassner