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Encouragement Sticky Notes

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These notes originally began as "lunchbox notes," but then the realization hit that they could be used for so much more!

  • notes to send with your kids to summer camp
  • encouragement and reassurance notes to yourself to leave on you mirror, car dashboard, computer, desk, refrigerator
  • send a note with your husband to work every day
  • write some encouragement to your bestie or roommate and leave it somewhere that will surprise them

So many options and opportunities for you to encourage someone today! How will you use them?

Each set comes with 5 Post-it™ sticky pads. Each pad contains 25 3x4 inch sheets of paper for a total of 125 sheets in the set.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great tool!

These encouragement notes are so versatile & a great tool to have around. I love using them to remind myself of truths, and love sticking them on my husband’s desk or in his lunch box. Can’t wait until my son is old enough to read—they’ll be a perfect way to send along encouragement to school every day, too!


I absolutely love these!!! I love sending them to my niece and nephews or leaving them on my coworkers’ desk!!

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